Company background

Telestream UK, formerly Vidcheck, provides unique and advanced software applications to automatically check and correct video and audio in file-based digital video, focusing on the requirements of the broadcast industry, at a cost-effective price.

Our management and engineers are the most experienced in the industry, having designed and developed the first product for automated QC of file-based media in 2003.

Thomas Dove, Director of Technology – QC Products, is hugely experienced in automated QC for file-based media, having been the innovator behind the first product in this field. With a background in codecs and compression technology, Thomas has 30 years of executive experience in sales and engineering management.

Our engineers are genuine experts in video workflows and processing, codec analysis and development, video and audio analysis and integration, with longer experience in file-based QC than any other company.

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Our approach to customers and our 'product philosophy'

Based upon our experience – and having seen the issues around implementing many real auto QC systems in many production environments – we have set out to make our products fundamentally different from those available from competitors.

They focus on:

  • being usable to those new to file-based media and file-based QC – which is the vast majority
  • providing intelligible information for those in a production environment – not all the arcane innards of a codec which is unintelligible to an operator
  • not only checking, but also correcting automatically, if at all possible, in a way that does not impact the video/audio quality (using our unique patented video correction algorithms for the video and correcting loudness and levels in the audio)
  • processing quickly, using the latest multi-core, multi-thread processors without costing more for using these and without the need for special hardware

A further aspect, key to Vidcheck, is rapid product development. As our engineers are genuine experts in codec development, video and audio analysis, we can quickly implement new features at the request of customers – and we regularly do this. (In fact, almost all our development is driven by customer requests.)
As a consequence, if you become a Vidcheck customer you will find that we understand the issue that you are having, and that we are responsive to your needs.

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The Telestream UK Advantages

Industry Experts

Vidcheck personnel invented the first system for true auto QC of broadcast file-based media in 2003, no one has more extensive experience. Consequently, Vidcheck’s award winning products work the way users expect them to and have the benefit of patented features not available elsewhere.

Comprehensive Quality Tests

Vidcheck’s products incorporate all the sophisticated tests of file syntax, video structure and quality, audio structure and quality and metadata that are needed for broadcast files. Vidcheck actively follows the developments in broadcast standards, providing rapid product updates, including all relevant developments such as 4K, H.265, AS-11, and IMF.

Easy to Set Up, Intuitive to Use

Simple to install on industry standard PCs/servers, the Vidcheck web-based GUI is exceptionally intuitive. The provision of many standard templates and the ‘1 Click’ auto test template from known good media ensures that Vidcheck software is quick to set up and easy to manage.

Automated Intelligent Video and Audio Correction

Intelligent correction of video is not merely legalisation of over-limit video but employs a sophisticated patented algorithm to correct video so that corrections are done without effecting visual quality. Likewise, audio levels and loudness, file and video parameters such as syntax, GOP structure, bit-rates and many more can all be corrected.

Adaptable for Different Workflows

All Vidcheck products have workflow automation tools built in, such as watch folder integration and email notification. For more sophisticated workflow integration, the freely-provided Vidcheck SOAP API is easy to understand and quick to implement for both end-users and integration with third-party workflow, asset management and transcode systems.

Scalable and Fast

Vidcheck products are entirely scalable, from the affordable Vidchecker-post on a single PC to a grid system where processing is conducted simultaneously across many servers, automatically using multi-core, multi-thread processing to maximise speed. There is no wasted investment: upgrade is simply the price difference between versions. A single Vidcheck licence invariably offers greater throughput than is obtainable from competitive products.