Product Selector


Vidcheck produces Automated Quality Control software for file based media conducted easily, quickly, correctly and comprehensively, with a high return on investment. Made to work in the way that you want, by the leading experts in the industry.

Our products include:

  • Vidchecker – Provides thorough checking of video, audio and container parameters on 4 files concurrently with the ability to also automatically correct typical errors. Throughput scalable with Vidchecker Grid.
  • Vidchecker-post – The same intuitive user interface and all the features of Vidchecker, but processes one file at a time and is limited to 8 logical cores; designed for the lighter user. Upgradable to Vidchecker.
  • Additional fixing option – Vidchecker and Vidchecker-post have at their core the ability to detect and correct video and audio levels. There are additional ‘fix’ options that can be added.
  • Vamp – A media player with a timeline representation of alerts to guide QC review via PC monitor or SDI output.