Change Log

New features in V7.1 (Jan 2017)

  • Vidchecker is now part of the Telestream family!
  • Support for HDR colour space ITU Rec. 2020
  • Added AMWA AS-10 templates
  • Updated suite of ARD/ZDF templates for v1.1 of IRT MXF profiles
  • Improved validation for Templates and Admin Tab settings.
  • Vamp may be launched from the web GUI and displays alert details.
  • Reports can be generated in the Input Folder alongside the asset under test.
  • Installer gives choice of trialling Vidchecker or Vidchecker-post.

New features in v7.0 (July 2016)

  • Multi Lingual Alerts
  • All Vidfixer corrections now available in Vidchecker
  • IMF validation of metadata and essence
  • Automatic Video Segment Detection
  • Audio Peak Attenuation for R128 correction
  • Speed ups in correction and checking
  • Transcoding added to Vidchecker
  • Correction of Layout added to Vidchecker

New features in V6.5 (Nov 2015)

  • Added display of spatial location of errors
  • Added generic coloured frame test
  • Additional MXF syntactical checks and reports on these
  • Substantial extension to generic MXF metadata checks
  • Substantial updates to ARD/ZDF and DDV2 NPO MXF tests and Templates
  • Added audio tones tests for ‘BLITS’, ‘GLITS’ and EBU test tones
  • Added info alerts for maximum Momentary and Short term loudness
  • Additional options on the report filters
  • Multiple small UI enhancements

New features in V6.4 (July 2015)

  • ProRes re-encode
  • ProRes syntax checking with Enhanced Syntax Check
  • Telestream Vantage agent status changes
  • Unicode in PDF paths
  • Changes to Dolby Dialnorm correction

New features in V6.3 (June 2015)

  • Added template tab for generic MXF metadata attribute tests
  • Added ARD/ZDF German and DDV2 NPO Dutch standard templates
  • Added support for EBU R128 Short Form content and ARIB TR-B32 loudness
  • Support for DNxHD185X in OPAtom and Canopus codecs [with 3rd party s/w]
  • Added SMPTE RP219:2002 / ARIB STD-B28 colour bars check
  • Added UI ‘dark mode’ (for use in darkened rooms) and other user-switchable style sheets
  • Added Viewer level password
  • Added compact view mode in Results tab (for viewing many alerts)
  • Multiple performance improvements, incl. audio only decode (in files with video)
  • Multiple smaller additions (e.g. support for BWAV timecodes, checks for mixed data rates [relevant for Avid], checks of CAVLC/CABAC for AVC/H.264 & HEVC/H.265)
  • Multiple small UI enhancements (e.g. menu top right, incl. UI options)

New features in V6.2 (Jan 2015)

  • Update of DPP templates to DPP spec 4.3
  • AMWA AS-11 DPP certified (Mar 2015)
  • Updated Netflix templates
  • PSE algorithms updated to PSE V5.0
  • PSE certificate included in reports
  • User notes can be appended to individual alerts
  • Report filenames user definable
  • Audio channels positions test for surround sound tracks
  • Reference files over network

New features in V6.1 (Sept 2014)

  • Support for HEVC/H.265 video codec
  • Extended support for 16-channel audio (including combining channels for test without channel mapping)
  • Updated Netflix templates
  • Progressive video display of test progress – current video frame being tested
  • Multiple report formats
  • Multiple small UI enhancements

New features in V5.7 (March 2014)

  • Test and correction of multiple loudness modes concurrently (I-mode, S-mode and M-mode)
  • Multiple mono audio track detection
  • Update of DPP templates to DPP spec 4.1
  • Additional visual drop-out detections
  • Test for breaks in 2:3 cadence pattern
  • Minor improvements to UI (e.g. report options)]

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