Vidchecker Key Features


  • Fast parallel processing
  • Uses all available CPUs, cores and threads
  • No GPU required
  • Not core limited


  • Vidchecker is integrated with all of the leading workflow systems
  • Easy workflow support – use multiple watch folders with filtering, automatically send reports, move files on pass / fail / correction
  • API web services for full integration with production and broadcast workflows and media asset management systems


  • Incremental display of tasks in progress
  • Live video thumbnails during test
  • Detailed alert description and timecodes
  • Built-in media player; click to view the alert points
  • Optional additional Media player, Vamp, to play the video at alert points by clicking on the alert thumbnails


  • Easy to read comprehensive reports
  • HTML / XML / PDF
  • Configurable with style sheets
  • Add user notes and change comments with audit trail

Checking & Correction

  • Thorough checks of file, video and audio parameters as well as video and audio quality, legality and correctness
  • Not only checks video and audio, but also intelligently corrects out of spec video levels and audio levels including loudness
  • 4 levels of checking – information, warning, fail on error and correct on error

Return on Investment

  • All versions are fully featured
  • Versions affordable for both broadcasters and post production companies
  • No wasted investment in training or software on expansion
  • Outstanding customer support
  • No costly upgrades all revisions are included in the maintenance contract.

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