Broadcasters, content distributors and post-production rely on archived material to supplement new content, and keep a constant flow of broadcast material available on-demand to fill the channels.

In addition, video archives play a key role in national film libraries, political debate records and video heritage collections.

Archives previously stored on film or analog tape are increasingly digitized to files stored on digital tape or file servers. Flexicart tape systems and software controlled workflow systems enable them to be cataloged and retrieved when needed.

Vidcheck’s software based QC and auto correction systems automatically check and correct files as they are archived to ensure they are good masters, and check again after retrieval and before and after transcode to ensure they are ready for re-use.

Vidcheck product solutions for Archive:


Vidchecker is 2nd Generation Auto QC – faster, easier to use, and more cost effective than older products. Each license processes 4 files simultaneously and thoroughly checks file, video and audio parameters and quality, plus auto correct video and audio errors and re-encode corrected files – not just ‘legalization’ but patented Intelligent Automated Correction.

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Archive applications

Need to check files digitized from film or analog tape are good masters and meet the required archive and broadcast standards?
Vidchecker can not only thoroughly check but also automatically correct files, including video and audio levels.

Need to transcode between lower bitrate MPEG2 / MPEG-4 / VC-1 and higher bitrate XDCAM / DVCPro / H264 / JPEG2000 archive formats?
Vidchecker can not only fully QC check but also automatically correct, and transcode to different formats.

Need to check that all the required audio tracks and channels are present and correct?
Vidchecker can check all the tracks and channels for levels, phase, dropouts and loudness. They can automatically correct dialnorm and loudness to ATSC/CALM and EBU standards.

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