With its easy to use interface and easy deployment Vidchecker elegantly addresses the problem of the ever growing number of different platforms for OTT; Vidchecker is used extensively to ensure the correct file format is delivered to the platform.

Vidcheck product solutions for OTT:


Vidchecker is 2nd Generation Auto QC – faster, easier to use, and more cost effective than older products. Each license processes 4 files simultaneously and thoroughly checks file, video and audio parameters and quality, plus auto correct video and audio errors and re-encode corrected files – not just ‘legalization’ but patented Intelligent Automated Correction.

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OTT applications

Need to check your files meet iTunes, Netflix or AS-11 DPP requirements?
Vidchecker-post and Vidchecker include templates and specific tests for these requirements. They are AMWA AS-11 DPP certified.

Need to check that commercials are exactly the right play length, and have the required lead-in and lead-out?
Vidchecker can check these. In addition it can automatically insert, remove or change the length of black sequences and color bars that do not meet the distribution requirements.

Need to check that all the required audio tracks and channels are present and correct?
Vidchecker can check all the tracks and channels for levels, phase, dropouts and loudness. They can automatically correct dialnorm and loudness to ATSC/CALM and EBU standards.

Need to check that Closed Captions are present?
Vidchecker checks that Line 21 / ATSC A53 / SMPTE436 captions are present and continuous

Need to check video and audio levels in your output files meet broadcast standards?
Vidchecker-post and Vidchecker can not only check but also automatically correct your files, including audio loudness to ATSC/CALM and EBU standards

Need to check your files for PSE flashing and harmful patterns?
Vidchecker-post and Vidchecker include ITU / OFCOM testing at no additional cost.

Vidchecker-post and Vidchecker can be installed on standard PC/Servers, and use simple watchfolders.

They are also available with many leading leading workflow management and transcode systems such as Telestream Vantage, Amberfin iCR, Digital Rapids Transcode Manager, Sony Media Backbone, Root6 ContentAgent, Suitcase TV and others.

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